HD-01 series (High Definition HDMI / USB type)
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High Definition HDMI/USB BEAUTY SCOPE --- built-in database pictures for comparison


The Video Microscope is a real smart tool, helps SKIN / HAIR / IRIS / MICROCIRCULATION inspections.
For demonstration purpose, if you hope to show the image on a big HDMI TV monitor, the model HD-01 HDMI/CB is a good choice. It provides a single / 2 splits (left & right) / 4 quad images freeze, and builds in database pictures for comparison on the HDMI TV monitor (full screen). On the other hand, you can also switch it to connect computer for capturing, comparing & saving images.
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User's manual (HD-01 HDMI/CB) (2.9 MB)
● HD-01 HDMI / CB Control unit with High Definition camera, Dual output:
(1) HDMI output (default output)--- to HDMI TV
a. You can make single / 2 splits / 4 quad frames images on HDMI TV.
b. Exclusive function --- built-in database pictures for comparison
(2) USB output --- to PC / laptop, plug & use, no USB driver needed.
High clarity 640x480 VGA mode or 1280x720 HD mode switchable
● Various lenses changeable for skin / hair / acne / Iris / microcirculation analysis
Standard Specifications
1. HD-01 HDMI / CB Control box, handy probe
2. 5V Power adaptor (100V~240V)
3. HDMI TV mode is defaulted function; and you can also switch to USB PC mode
4. HDMI cable (to HDMI TV)
5. USB output, USB cable to PC (plug & play, no USB driver needed
Image resolution: 640x480 VGA mode or 1280x720 HD mode switchable
6. Free software: “My Capture Pro. 1 / 2 / 4” image capture program
7. Free gift: colorful skin chart (or hair chart)