Technical support

Q1: There is 1 LED lamp failed inside the lens of my Beauty Scope, can I change it?

A1: For your information, each lens includes 4 (or 8) LED lamps inside. For a lens which was used for a long time, if the       LED(s) continue off, the shared electricity, light of the lens will become un-balanced. It probably will cause all LEDs       off finally. So, I would suggest you to directly change the whole lamp set (a small round PCB with 4 or 8 LEDs).

Q2: My BS-888e (BS-888e-v2 / IBS-01e) is under warranty and now the signal cable is disconnected. Can you change a       new one free charge for me?

A2: There is no doubt this unit works well in the early past months, no? If all the users can treat the cable(s) carefully without       frequent & improper twist or pull, there is no reason the cable will become disconnected.

      For your reference, the whole signal cable of BS-888e includes 7 inner wires to the probe side and after the small power       box, several sub-cables (power cable, video cable, USB cable) to power adaptor and video & USB connectors. So if any       part is wrong on the cable, we shall change the whole signal cable. Please understand our situation for charging the       cost.