Microcirculation Scope
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Portable Color Microcirculation Scope

It is a perfect and practical tool for the study of capillary shape, blood-flow speed, fatness and it also can distinguish cardiovascular diseases.
This machine is specially apply in hospital, clinic, healthy food suppliers, etc.

Harmless observation (no need any tissue cut) --- Non-invade analysis process
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User's manual of MC-380e (830 KB)
1 Portable type, equipped with a 7" LCD monitor, vivid image can be viewed by adjusting 3-axis X-Y-Z platform.
2. Non-invade analysis process
3. Sub-Health, the best tool for the study of microcirculation
Standard Specifications
1. Main Control unit (AV output)
2. Adjustable non reflection lens with 380x
3. 7" TFT Color monitor
4. 3-axis fine tuning platform
5. 5V Power adaptor (100V~240V), or Mobile power bank (need to be prepared by user)
6. Aluminium Suitcase
7. Extension application: if PC connection necessary, image or video capture / store is available by means of video to USB image capture device +“Pro Video Master” software