HD-01 series (High Definition HDMI / USB type)
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The Video Microscope is a real smart tool, helps SKIN / HAIR / IRIS / MICROCIRCULATION inspections.
For demonstration purpose, if you hope to show the image on a big HDMI TV monitor, the model HD-01HDMI is a good choice. It provides a single / 2 splits (left & right) / 4 quad images freeze on the HDMI TV monitor (full screen). On the other hand, you can also switch it to connect computer for capturing, comparing & saving images.
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User's manual (HD-01HDMI) (2.8 MB)
● HD-01 HDMI Control unit with High Definition camera, Dual output:
(1) HDMI output (default output)--- to HDMI TV
You can make single / 2 splits / 4 quad frames images on HDMI TV.
(2) USB output --- to PC / laptop, plug & use, no USB driver needed.
High clarity 640x480 VGA mode or 1280x720 HD mode switchable
● Various lenses changeable for skin / hair / acne / Iris / microcirculation analysis
Standard Specifications
1. HD-01 HDMI Control box, handy probe
2. 5V Power adaptor (100V~240V)
3. HDMI TV mode is defaulted function; and you can also switch to USB PC mode
4. HDMI cable (to HDMI TV)
5. USB output, USB cable to PC (plug & play, no USB driver needed
Image resolution: 640x480 VGA mode or 1280x720 HD mode switchable
6. Free software: “My Capture Pro. 1 / 2 / 4” image capture program
7. Free gift: colorful skin chart (or hair chart)