Extension application for HD-01 to HDMI TV
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USB/HDMI converter with HD-01 & HDMI TV

USB/HDMI converter

Extension application for HD-01 to HDMI TV


For demonstration purpose, if you are using our HD-01 or HD-01e and you are going to show the image on a big HDMI TV, the optional USB/HDMI converter is a good choice. It provides a single / 2 splits (left & right) / 4 quad images freeze on the HDMI TV monitor (full screen).
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User's guide for USB/HDMI converter (311 KB)
While connecting the USB/HDMI converter between our HD-01 (or HD-01e) & HDMI TV, you can get a full screen image on big screen.
Standard Specifications
1. USB/HDMI converter box
2. HDMI cable
3. 5V power adaptor (micro USB connector)
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