Microcirculation Scope
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HD-01 + MC-320 lens

HD-01 (or HD-01e) + MC-320 lens

Easy Microcirculation Scope

It uses a HD (High Definition) camera inside, with a MC-320 microcirculation lens. HD-01 provides high definition images for both 640x480 VGA mode or 1280x720 HD mode switchable. You can even enjoy the best high clarity especially under 1280 x 720 HD mode. (HD-01e provides image in 640x480 VGA mode only.)
Since it is a DIGITAL camera (only USB to PC), you can just plug the USB cable and play, no USB driver needed while connecting to computer.

We offer free image capture programs, you can freeze / save / compare the images, or you can operate this unit under optional software: HD-Pro Video Master software (for image / video recording, customer management system).
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It is a easy tool for the study of capillary shape, blood-flow speed, fatness and it also can distinguish cardiovascular diseases. This machine is suggested to be applied in clinic, healthy food suppliers, etc.
Standard Specifications
1. HD-01 Control unit (or HD-01e Probe)
2. MC-320 Microcirculation lens
3. USB output, USB cable, plug & play, no USB driver needed
4. Free software: My Capture Pro. 1 / 2 / 4 frames image capture program
5. Optional software: HD-Pro Video Master software for image capture / video recording & comparison, customer management system
* Doctor / Medical institute / clinic owner --- for laboratory use, treatment, observation tool
* Medical department of university --- for laboratory use, education purpose
* Healthy food manufacturer / company --- for laboratory use, sales tool, rebating gift to sales people
* Any energy product suppliers need to encourage blood circulation and a healthy metabolisms
* Direct sales company --- for sales tool
* Medical equipment supplier --- for re-selling purpose