Industrial Video Microscope
Industrial Video Microscope


Handheld Master Video Microscope


1. UVC camera, USB output, plug & play, no USB driver needed, no image lag
2. High clarity 640 x 480 VGA mode or 1280x720 HD mode switchable), You
can even enjoy the best high clarity especially under 1280 x 720 HD mode.
3. Easy to operate, the probe can be moved to the side of the object for observation
4. Many people can simultaneously view and discuss the same image on the screen.
Standard Specifications
1. Controller with probe
2. 640x480 VGA mode & 1280x720 HD mode switchable
3. 5V Power adaptor (100V~240V)
4. USB output, USB signal cable, plug & play, no USB driver needed
5. Free software: My Capture Pro. 1 / 2 / 4 for Image capture / split frames program