Microcirculation Scope
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Portable WIFI Microcirculation Scope

Sub-Health, the best tool for the study of microcirculation
China utility patent No. ZL201621402183.0, Taiwan new patent: 106TP088476
Non-invade analysis process

WIFI wireless transmission, your mobile devices can be the monitor
User's manual of MC-380W (772 KB)
WIFI Android APK (3.0 MB)
It is a perfect and practical tool for the study of capillary shape, blood-flow speed, fatness and it also can distinguish cardiovascular diseases.
This machine is specially applied in hospital, clinic, healthy food suppliers, etc.
Standard Specifications
1. MC-380W Main unit with stand & 380x adjustable non reflection lens
2. 5V power adaptor (or mobile power bank, prepared by user)
3. WIFI box, Individual APP, available for iOS system & Android system
4. Under mobile devices you can save images or record videos for comparison purpose. (Image: 1/2/4 frames comparison)
5. Finger fixing plate & palm supporter
6. Weight of the unit: 550g, very compact, with an additional suitcase