HD-SMEP+CMS (Skin S.M.E.P. Analysis + Customer management system)
Skin S.M.E.P. analysis + Customer  management system


Skin S.M.E.P. Analysis + Customer management system


Offers 4-in-1 (Sebum / Moisture / Elasticity / Pigment) skin diagnosis, new client data set-up, old client history data, treatment or skin care products recommendation, sampling parameter setting, data print (result, label, statistics) and system setting / back-up functions.
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User's manual of HD-SMEP+CMS (6.5 MB)
1. Sebum / Moisture / Elasticity / Pigment Diagnosis
2. New client data set-up
3. Old client history data
4. Treatment or skin care products recommendation
5. Sampling parameter setting
6. Data print (result, label, statistics)
7. System setting / back-up