IBS series (Upgraded USB / AV type)

Model IBS-01e
Easy Beauty Scope

IBS-01 Pro
Professional Beauty Scope

Intelligent Skin Diagnosis System

Specifications (TV mode)
Control Box  
Lens Changeable Handy Probe
(with 3M pixels camera)

(3,000,000 pixels)

(3,000,000 pixels)

(3,000,000 pixels)
AV signal cable, Power adaptor
(DC5V, 2A) (DC12V, 1.5A) (DC12V, 1.5A)
Frame freeze function 1 frame
2 splits (left / right)  
4 splits  
Negative film function (mainly for skin textures, wrinkles inspection)  
Zoom magnification (available from 1x to 4x)  
4 in 1 (skin Sebum / Moisture / Elasticity / Pigment ) auto skin analysis
Sebum test bar, moisture / elasticity test bar & test paper
*Standard 50RN polarized lens
Specifications (PC mode)
USB cable & driver (supporting: Windows XP / VISTA, Win 7), “ New KOWA Camera “ image capture freeze / save program
Keypad cable (for PC freeze funciton)  
S.M.E.P. simple program free for IBS-01Pro(SMEP) skin Sebum / Moisture / Elasticity / Pigment analysis, data save function    
Paper box or optional Carrying case
Optional Lenses
Suggested standard lens (for skin): IBS-50RN 50x polarized lens
     a. surface --- skin texture, normal / oily / dry skin inspection
     b. deeper layer --- pigment stain, melanin, capillary diffusion inspection
or IBS-50 normal 50x lens (for surface skin inspection, hair density inspection)
Suggested standard lens (for hair): IBS-200 200x lens
(for scalp, hair root / shaft, oily sebum secretion blocks hair bulb, infected scalp)
IBS-01 ADJ. 1x Adjustable lens
(for face make-up, distinctly large & hollow pores, eye wrinkle, hair loss & alopecia, full face / body, half body, partial face inspection)
IBS-650 650x lens
(for hair cuticle, medulla damaged, broken or split hair, chemically damaged hair inspection)
IBS-Iris Iris lens
(Iridology inspection for diagnosing iris purpose)
MC-320 Microcirculation Scope
(Microcirculation inspection for observing the thickness, shape of blood vessels, the speed of the Blood-flow of the nailfold)
IBS-50RN(UV) Polarized UV lens (Specially designed for “acne” inspection) with Skin Viewer Software:
(for acne inspection, image store, before / after comparison, history comparison, 3D film function, Partial image enlargement, Customer management system)

Optional Software
Pro Capture Professional multi-image management system
(covering skin / hair / iris / microcirculation analysis)
  • Customer management system
  • Analysis comment, treatment or product recommendation
  • Before / after comparison
  • History comparison
  • Partial image enlargement, 3D film function
  • Data printing
Kowa MA Image comparison system
  • Customer management system
  • Before / after comparison
  • History comparison
  • 3D film function
  • Partial image enlargement
521SMEP+CMS Skin analysis + Customer Management System
  • Sebum / Moisture / Elasticity / Pigment skin diagnosis (giving high / medium / low level & percentage testing results)
  • Customer management system
  • Treatment or skin care products recommendation
  • History data check
  • System setting and sampling parameter setting
  • Data printing (results, label, statistics) function
  • This software is only available for IBS-01Pro(SMEP)


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